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Benefit from the following advantages of the system or module construction method:

  • All in one hand, only one contact person:
    consultancy, planning and processing right through to the installation and completion are carried out by ARS.
  • Flexibility, planning security:
    you have the opportunity of enlarging, reducing or even moving to a completely new site at any time.
  • Detailed orientation on your space requirements:
    various quality system are available for rent or for sale, anything from prefabcabins to luxurious buildings.
  • Safety of investment:
    Building constructed in room module construction method Fixed estimates offered.
  • Short construction time:
    Fast planning permission due to standard types, standard statics or inspected or inspectable statics, where necessary fire precaution surveys, insulation calculations. The production of room modules in our works avoids delays due to weather conditions and guarantees completion dates.
  • High degree of prefabrication:
    Up to 90 % industrial prefabrication in our works.
  • Dry construction method:
    No building dampness, pleasant room conditions, immediate readiness-for-use.
  • Certified quality assurance:
    Constant, allround and controlled quality.
  • Economical and ecological use of materials:
    Processing of harmless and healthwise safe materials. Sorting in our works, low rate of emission on the building site.
  • Best constructional physics:
    ARS buildings offer up to 12% more usable space as conventionally constructed buildings with the same dimensions. They can be produced as low-energy buildings with extremely high sound-proofing.
  • High profitability:
    leasing or financing possible, short contractual term, where applicable shorter depreciation periods.

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